David Sowerby – Straker Translations

An interview with David Sowerby, co-founder and director of Sales & Marketing of Straker Software. I met and interviewed David while we were at LeWeb 2010 in Paris. With my natural predilection for languages, I was more than a bit interested to find out how Straker works and how effective, efficient and costly the service is. As David recounts, they have a part-automatic, part-human translation system (“blended” comes to mind as a term) which costs around 6 cents per word, but they are hoping to bring that down to 3-4 cents. Certainly, for the larger multinationals down to the smaller organizations trying to spread overseas, services like Straker provide a huge benefit in terms of rapidity and cost. Not having tried out their services, I cannot vouch for them, but I would be curious to gain any feedback from the readers. Let me know your thoughts as regards David’s interview as well!

To find out more about Straker, you can go directly to their website: Straker Sofware.

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