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For this week, I thought I would point out a fairly new initiative that is a twist on Groupon.  It is group buying with an ethical flavor: ethicalDeal.

As the site explains, ethicalDeal helps you discover the best green stuff to do, see and buy in your city, at exclusive discounts, through the power of group buying!

ethicalDeal Group Green Buying

Saving a handful with green thumbs

Founded by Annalea Krebs (out of Vancouver BC, Canada) in 2010, ethicalDeal marries the group buying concept (deals) with green companies.  If I were a film impresario, I’d say it’s Groupon meets CarrotMob.  It could hardly be easier to sign up/subscribe.  You just have to give away your email address and pick a location.  The London pictured above is London, Canada… ethicalDeal is still only North American and is in the process of rolling out across a wider swath of American cities.

Verdict: It’s early days (to say the least).  But, I like the idea of combining a cause with a deal.  It makes a little more cents.   And, we know that Canadians are good at merging social and green.  I hope it takes off more than I believe it will do so.

You can check out their YouTube channel.  They also have social media channels covered (Twitter with 1800 followers, Facebook 12oo friends, etc.).

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