Brand Marketing: What’s the engine for your Locomoso? 59 keywords!

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 Words that go So-Lo-Mo must go Co …

As the So-Lo-Mo (Social-Local-Mobile) expression gradually goes mainstream, I ponder how the myndset within organizations must change to accommodate the new style(s) of marketing.  Being social is already a challenge.  Providing a mobile platform is forcing a shift in habits.  Creating a local programme means being super close to clients and distribution.  What can be the glue that keeps it all together?

The Age of Co

In the English language (depending on the dictionary), there are 9,058 words that begin with the two letters CO.  Oddly enough, not all of them are compound words such as co-working and co-creation.  In the wordle that I created below, I selected 59 words which, for me, underpin the new myndset that must accompany the So-Lo-Mo trifecta.

Words that start with the letters CO, by The Myndset

59 key words for your brand's organizational SEO!

The bigger the word, the more forceful and important it is as far as gaining traction in the SoLoMo world.  I’d call this the New Co Age – as opposed to the Steel, Coal, Iron or Ad Age — for brand marketers and digital marketing.

If brands were to be marked for their abilities on these 59 key words, I wonder if one could draw a correlation with success?  These 59 key words would be tantamount to working on SEO on brand marketing–and has implications for the way the organization operates.  How does your CEO incarnate these 59 key words?  Do the Human Resources team hire and fire according to a similar mindset?

Which are the key words that you fancy?  Would you like to add any others?  Please do!

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  1. Hi Minter, thanks for a compelling thought!

    I was drawn in by the loco title of your post, and as someone whose family name begins with a "CO" (how SoLoMo of me!), I must say I was not disappointed.

    Among those you worldled, my favorite words are: communicate, community, conversation and cool.

    And I would add COnstructive (I don't think it's up there).

  2. […] For brands, I believe that events are an extremely important part of marketing mix.  For as much as budgets are being reduced and marketing dollars are moving (if not flooding) onto the digital platforms, the notion of the In Real Life (“IRL”) event is a way to connect in deeper ways.  Events represent a social and unique experience.  They combine several elements: handshaking and live networking, a one-time out-of-office experience, conversation and downtime.  It is in this context that social media is a perfect way to perpetuate the IRL event – call it a “blended” networking or, for brands, a blended marketing mix. […]

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