Here is an email that landed in my spam box (thank you Gmail) and yet still had me do a double take. I almost clicked on it, despite the fact that I was reading it in my spam box and it had a big RED ALERT banner on top. Thought I’d post it as it shows just how crafty some people can be. I am sure not a few people could be caught off guard by this one:

Linkedin Phish Attack, Myndset digital marketing strategy

Subtle inuendo, must be something…

Aside from a few slight differences in color, the ergonomy of the mail matches Linkedin’s official reminders and invitations; what’s more there is no revealing typo to give it away upon finer reading.  The key addition that sparks the eye is the little title in grey, no?  Sneaky indeed.  It turns out that Mike Hartig is not the CEO of Lowe’s, it’s Robert Niblock.  OK, if I were naive enough to think that “Mike” was going to reach out to me, perhaps I’m just a sucker?  It’s not as if we don’t have parasites to eat into our day, that we also need to deal with malicious spam and phishing attacks.

…that we can take away from this

For us digital marketers, the take away is that we should strive to have such subtle cunning, but for a good cause!  Anyway, thought I’d post this to make sure that you don’t fall for it.

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