Minter Dialogue #53 – Reports from Netexplo

Netexplo Winner 2013, The Myndset at Netexplo 2013Matt Stempeck, LazyTruth, The Myndset Digital marketing and new tech trendsIn the second of the series, here is an interview with Netexplo Forum 2013 award winner, Matt Stempeck.  Matt created LazyTruth, an open source system to help us vet the false from the true with those mails coming from well-intentioned friends. LazyTruth was one of the top 10 award winners at the Netexplo Forum (Feb 14-15), where we look at the new technology trends the world over. Matt is part of team at MIT Media Labs, studying the future of journalism and media, social media LazyTruth, The Myndset Digital marketing and new tech trendsand social change. LazyTruth is a fabulous project for anyone looking to get a cleaner inbox and ridding us of those fallacious viral emails!  You can read up more about the Netexplo 2013 Forum here in a prior post. You can sign up to the Minter Dialogue podcast here via iTunes.

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