John Matherly, Shodan Founder and CEO – search engine for the internet of things #Netexplo

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Minter Dialogue Episode #97John Matherly - the myndset brand strategy NETEXPLO

This interview is with John Matherly, founder and CEO of Shodan, one of the top 10 laureates at Netexplo 2014. Shodan is a search engine for the Internet of Things (IoT). John is at the cutting edge of online security and privacy issues as his technology concerns the connectivity of all our surrounding objects that are, more and more, connectable to the internet and, therefore, findable from afar. Here, you will find a little video produced by Netexplo that explains the concept. Underneath, you can listen to the interview with John or download via iTunes.

SHODAN (USA) ENGLISH – Netexplo Forum 2014 par netexplo

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