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  1. Anita Holley

    Great article Minter, thank you. I totally agree that personalisation, when
    implemented poorly can be more damaging to a brand but I also think companies need to be wary of over-personalisation otherwise the consumer can feel stalked, digitally. Google Adsense is a prime example of latent harassment, which doesn’t just come in the form of repetitive emails. And in a similar ilk, the volume of content promoted should be equally measured, not simply by the number of leads generated but more importantly by the number of unsubscribes. If you are sending too many emails, your audience will soon let you know by unsubscribing and therefore it is important to find a balancing act. Finally, I have to admit to using case studies to build trust and you are right does not work. However, recently I have started to offer a link to the ‘about us’ web page within our email campaigns and this has proven high successful in building trust and brand awareness. In my experience, presenting yourself, only encourages consumers to find out more and through their web trawl, they will find case studies in a more legitimate search process.

    Anita Holley
    Maximizer CRM

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