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NEW! Heartificial Empathy – Putting Heart into Business and Artificial Intelligence

This eBook looks why and how to insert more empathy into business and artificial intelligence. Specifically, Heartificial Empathy explores how to create a more empathic culture, including using empathy in all points of contact with the customer. It also evaluates how best to insert empathy into machines through coding, with a exploration of many of the ethical issues and dilemmas.

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The Sales Organization of the Future​

Published by Econsultancy​. ​This paper ​explores four key questions for the sales organization of the future.

  1. ​How​ to​ transform a product-oriented company into a value-added​ ​services​ company?
  2. ​How​ to​ reduce the sales force and render salespeople to be more effective and efficient?
  3. Where and how​ to​ influence​ most effectively​ my customers?
  4. What are the right​ technologies​ ​to embed into the sales process?

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The Brand University

​Co-written with Eric Mellet and first published on BrandChannel. Republished here on Branduniversity.net​ {link added}​
The world of branding has, over a very condensed period of time, undergone a virtual and very real revolution as far as both the consumer and the employee are concerned. The challenge that companies are now facing is how to adapt effectively and efficiently to several convergent paradigm shifts. This white paper reviews some of the major changes and raises questions about the implications for today’s leaders. This paper’s position is that, more than ever before companiesneed to evolve into Learning Organizations and that instituting a company-wide Brand University can offer a compelling way to accompany such a change.

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Professional, Personal and Private – Getting Your Brand’s Privacy Settings Right

First published on BrandChannel.
​When companies have been “brought up” to be high performing and distinctly professional in their approach, there is a risk for them going forward if they do not loosen up their “settings” to be more personal. Not only does the new generation of employees — brought up as ‘digital natives’ — desire to live and work in a more personal and open environment, but customers seek a whole new experience in their engagement with a brand. This experience relies on a personal touch that is best imparted by individuals in the company who are, themselves, personally engaged.

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Tips for Associating Pleasure with Efficiency

Many of us are running on empty, just trying to stay up with the massive influx of messages, overloaded agendas and performance pressures. It amounts to a ton of stress and, unfortunately, we can find ourselves underperforming despite all the activity. Here’s a list of my top ten tips and tricks for making sure that burnout​ ​is averted and that you can work alacrity and efficiency.

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Coacher les Marques (en français) / The Brand Coach

Co-é​crit avec Tiffany Assouline. En français.​ Co-written with Tiffany Assouline, The Brand Coach looks at the challenge for brands and businesses to be visible in the confusing and crowded online space. This paper looks at the options and opportunities for brands to become both meaningful and successful, starting necessarily with the personnel on the inside.​

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