Cyber journalism may be taking on a new slant… What if [new age] journalists just spent their time outing the silly things people say and do, behind the slim veil of anonymity, on the net. Take this most recent outing revealed by Lucy Caldwell on Slate via a Facebook entry, in which Rudy Giuliani’s daughter, Caroline, apparently joined Barak Obama’s Group. Caroline was apparently not hiding her identity. I once saw a person [unnamed] reveal on Facebook that he had just been given a promotion; however, the promotion had not been officially released within the company. Sounds like a little pre-release if you ask me. One has to be careful about spilling one’s beans. The edge of the allowable content is awfully tricky to navigate, especially if you have a higher than average level of visibility, or even if you are working in higher executive positions. In any event, for those of us on the net, such new cyber journalism sounds like Big Brother in your home.

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