Having spent the better part of the evening trying to download an older version of Internet Explorer in order to play an old DVD for my daughter’s homework, I finally landed upon the best solution:

OldVersion so rightly says in its tagline: “because newer isn’t always better…”

But in my case, it was because new just doesn’t work for my DVD…

OldVersion currently has 2862 versions of 190 programs for PC and 601 versions of 35 programs for the Mac.

OldVersion.com has several stated objectives which are quite noble and appropriate, including discouraging the use of spyware by software companies and helping computer users who are unable to continually upgrade their computer. As they write, “[w]e are doing our small part to help bridge the digital divide by allowing everyone to enjoy the same software titles regardless of their hardware.”

Anyway, if you are looking for an older version of the software you used to love or which you found lighter and more useful, then OldVersion is your place.

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