Letting your interests interface with your network

You might enjoy this interview from Robert Scoble of Amit Kapor, former COO of MySpace and now CEO of Gravity .  They have launched a free service, Twinterest — in a case of ME-centered ME-dia — that looks at open public social data (primarily Twitter in the first instance).  Twinterest has access to the Twitter hose feed which means that it gets access to the full kit and kaboodle of tweets.  What is the point?  The first point is that it allows you to review and graphically represent your own interests!  Secondly, it can help you to identify people in your network with common interests or purposes.  The third is that Twinterest will help organize and attach content and links to users.  For now, the site is a WIP… A new Gravity application about to be launched is called Orbit that creates a personal newspaper based on your own Twitter feed.  Down the road, this type of system might be useful for ongoing curation, something I believe that will be supremely important as the Internet continues to swell.

Here is how it goes on Twinterest once you have input your Twitter handle:

Twinterest – your twitter feed reworked… 1245 interests, really?

The site allows you to identify interests which are incorrectly categorized or not pertinent (i.e. not your interest).  You cannot recategorize, however.

Down to 868 interests… with more room to go.

There is clearly much work to be done to make the classification of interests more accurate…  How on earth did they come up with my interest in the President’s cycling tour of Turkey?

Didn’t even know there was such a tour…

Having done the “editing”, I got down to a more accurate 550 interests.  However, the real nuisance was that the site did not save my editing work, so I am back up to 1245 interests. I could not even add in interests that are key to me and, for some reason, did not appear.  Oh well.    Room to improve, but I like the general direction.

What do you think of this type of service?  Know of any other fun ways to understand and manage your digital network?  Please do share!

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