Paler shades of grey…

Gray Scale

No ordinary grey

How much does the the Grey Stuff matter? It may not have been a question you had asked yourself recently, or perhaps not posed that way; but, I believe it has a deeper relevance today, especially if you are in need of energy, looking for expertise or thirsting for good news. Specifically, this question, “how much does the grey stuff matter?” makes me think of three things: the brain, wisdom and the bell curve.  Let’s start with the brain (part 1 of 3!)


Making the brain work

Brain Energy

Conversations firing up the synapses

Good conversations are stimulating.  At dinner parties, what I enjoy most is lively banter on non-banal topics, touching on subjects that resonate within.  This is particularly the case for conversations with differing opinions on topics that permit me to learn.  Research suggests that discussions about profound and meaningful issues will systemically procure a sense of energy.  Meaningful conversation fires off synapses throughout the brain, creating a sense of excitement that is energizing.  Working the fuzzy grey matter that lies between our ears and sharing with others, thus, is a good thing.  Yet, within organizations, there are far too few occasions for such conversations.  Interest, meaning and learning are three great ingredients for an energizing conversation.  Moreover, how capable are brands to create conversations that matter with their client base?  A good starting point, for example, might be for a brand to curate around a specific, relevant topic.  Going further, it would be to permit and stimulate engaging conversations via some form of interactive platform, as part of an integrated digital marketing strategy.

Brands that bring meaningful content and invite authentic conversation (including within the company) are going to create a real following.  Curating a powerful topic would be a good start.  Do you have any good examples?  Please share!

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