I thought this street advertising for Godspell at Circle in the Square theatre on Broadway (NY) was brilliant.  Clearly, this is one socially savvy Broadway theatre (and/or it has a good agency behind it). The play has a full (dare I say heavenly) battery of social media pages and accounts, including Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.  Anyway, why do I like it so much?  The coherence.  Each tagline echoes Godspell and is cleverly linked in with the social media’s core component: see, love and follow.  And, it is the social media presence that is eye level on the street as you walk by.  I’d call that street smart social media integration.

Social Theatre in New York, by The Myndset Digital Marketing

Social media presence for Godspell

  • See thee more clearly: Youtube channel with 679 subscribers…
  • Love thee more dearly: on Facebook with 9,889 likes so far (the page was opened in October 2011)
  • Follow thee more nearly: on Twitter with 7,662 followers on board as of today (account was created Jan 2010)
  • They even have opened Google+, but somehow Godspell on Google+ doesn’t do as well… in just 21 people’s circles 🙂

Anyone seen the play and can give us a review?  Review thee more dearly!

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