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Over the last two weeks, while all the attention has been focused on the Apple iPhone 6 launch, I wanted to highlight the creative on UK-based Three’s latest ads. These adverts have been running over the last few weeks in British media. There are a number of versions and formats, all lamenting an individual’s sad story and how Three’s competitors (which are named – mostly Vodafone it would seem in the selection below) wronged their client.

#HelloThree – thinkfree

The #HelloThree creative certainly got my attention. The photo is rather raw and instagram-like in quality. The lead hook is a (different) first name in bright, large letters. The ad format affords plenty of white space. The Three brand stands out nicely in the white space. In a stroke of modernity, there are no social media logos blithely advertising the existence of Facebook or Twitter, just the #hellothree hashtag. The tone of the text is distinctly casual.

Below is a set of 5 different creatives that I found in this #HelloThree series. Please do drop your thoughts about this campaign into the comments!


Three Ad - brand marketing strategy
…the 72-hour-post-break-up-Tinder-marathon…

We heard Vodafone won’t give you a 4G SIM for the price of a 3G on, making that intense 72-hour-post-break-up-Tinder-marathon very painful. Heartless.


#HelloThree Ad - brand story marketing strategy

We heard O2 charged you extra to go from 3G SIM to a 4G one. And all you wanted to was stream “Loose Women” in the work toilet. Just bad manners.


#HelloThree Ad - brand story marketing strategy

We heard Vodafone charged you extra for sharing hourly poolside “piña colada” shots from the Gold Coast. Appalling.


#HelloThree Ad - brand story marketing strategy

We heard Vodafone charged you for making long calls to pay your gas bill because Candy at the call centre sounded hot. Indecent.


#HelloThree Ad - brand story marketing strategy

We hear Vodafone charged you more for sharing 127 bronzed selfies from Vegas. That’s just wrong.

Good advertising or not? Your reactions, please!

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