Would you agree that it is rather difficult to stay up with everything that is going on in the digital world? Even for someone who has totally embraced digital as I have, there is a seemingly never-ending stream of news and novelties. Finding the time to keep up-to-date can be a challenge when one is already running against the clock to get the basics done. I would argue that there are very few executives who are not experiencing some form of a digital tsunami. Time is that interminable constant with which we all struggle.

I thought about sharing this tip because of my observation that too many people are slaves to their devices, without even knowing how or why. Too much valuable time is being consumed by reacting to incoming messages, beeps and chimes. This particular tip has benefits on one’s personal and professional life; but, it also serves to shed light on one of the key battlegrounds of the future: customer attention.

Master your notification center

digital executive - notification center - the myndset digital strategy

Unless you are a digital geek with a strong sense of discipline and organization, you may not realize how much your attention is being diverted by the barrage of notifications. They can come pouring in from all directions and, before you know it, you are falling behind, chasing after the unending list of things to do. Moreover, with a proliferation of devices, many of the same messages are popping up on multiple screens, so you are getting doubly bombarded.

And, the horrible truth is that, with every new app downloaded or operating system upgraded, the notifications in each device may be changing without your knowlege (or worse, your approval). Mastery of your time will necessarily involve a certain mastery of your notification centers.

Digital Executive Notification Center - The Myndset digital strategy

Digital tip: notification hygiene

save time - notifications - myndset digital strategyMy digital tip

: on a regular basis, you need to remember to clean up your notifications. The deal is that each device must be calibrated according to your usage. With Apple’s new Yosemite OS, you can do this at a general level (System Preferences — Notifications — see right). Otherwise, you may need to go into each platform or app and make the adjustments. In any event, it should be a regular habit to verify your notification settings. On the one hand, the settings may get changed by upgrades, etc. On the other hand, your own needs and eco-systems change. It’s important to take a step back to review the pop-ups that are bouncing up on your screens and to make sure you are receiving exactly the ones you wish. I think of it strategically: Am I listening to the most important people in my network? Have I weeded out the platforms and networks that no longer provide me with value? Are the notifications in my lockscreen leading me down the right path or the garden path?

As a business executive, you must regularly clean your inbox and notification center.{Tweet this}

App awareness

I frequently discuss with brand managers and marketers the dilemma of a mobile site versus app. The key lies in linking back to one’s business objectives. As attractive as a wholly-owned app may seem, a considerable amount of time and extra resources must also be allocated to building the awareness and distribution of the app. Otherwise, it will remain the best kept secret (assuming the UX is fabulous!). Thus arrives the need to get your app into the user’s notification center!

The temptation is to spam and to trick. But, as a modern brand marketer, the profound need is to create such value that each notification is received as a present, not as a rude interruption. Granted some brands are only interested in the quick buck and short-term results. But, for those who are looking to create long-term value and loyal customers, the promotion of your app (and the push notifications) must come with demonstrable benefits for the end user.

As a marketer, you must not forget the invasive nature of your own app and notifications: build in great value! {Tweet this}

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