The ABC’s of Enterprise 2.0

Enterprise 2.0

Bringing agility, coherence and effectiveness into the workplace

If the three reasons — Agility, Coherence & Effectiveness – I wrote about in this post “Enterprise 2.0, The building blocks of a social marketing & media strategy”  have an apt acronym in the form of A.C.E., there are also three essential ingredients of implementing a successful enterprise 2.0 framework inside a company, which I like to call them the ABC’s of Enterprise 2.0*:

  • Accept.  Acceptance of mistakes and getting away from a command & control mindset.  Learn to live, for example, without apriori moderation — everywhere.
  • Beta.  Start in a Beta and stay in Beta.  Start small, live, learn and improve.
  • Chief.  The big chief needs to walk the talk and use the platform.  Blogging and twittering in his or her person should not be “beneath” the CEO.

And, the golden rule for getting Enterprise 2.0 to work: don’t allow the new Enterprise 2.0 tools to involve an additional task, but have them integrated into the workflow and be a part of the system. Too often, companies hang on to the old systems AND add on the new tools, too fearful of “losing” the data, for example, or just too set in their “old ways.”  A classic example you can still find: having a paper agenda AND a digital calendar on Outlook.  In the future, it will be needing to have a hard copy on the desktop AND in the cloud.

Enterprise 2.0 tools will not work if they come as an additional charge of work.

As ever, I welcome your comments!


Enterprise 2.0 per wikipedia:  ”Enterprise 2.0 is the use of “Web 2.0″ technologies within an organization to enable or streamline business processes while enhancing collaboration – connecting people through the use of social-media tools.”

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