Why we need two browsers on every computer

This is a post especially for those of you who have two accounts on any social media platform, but it actually applies to anytime you have two different accounts on the same service.  Here are examples of cases why this post may speak to you:

  • you have two Twitter accounts, one business and one personal, or for the two languages in which you tweet, etc… and you’re tired of logging in, out and in again.  The same applies to other social sites such as Facebook, Spotify or Pinterest
  • Your spouse and you have separate accounts on Amazon and you mistakenly add to the wrong wish list…
  • you have two people using your computer (for example, your child and yourself), typically for Facebook, and you’ve posted by mistake from your kid’s account.
  • you like to search from Google.com and from the country in which you are travelling.
  • you add money to wrong Paypal account

Double Browser, on The Myndset Digital Marketing Strategy

The reason why all this is relevant is because of those ‘wonderful’ cookies, and also because of the ‘seamless’ functionality of Facebook Connect and others that operate similarly.  When you are connecting accounts based on where you already logged in, you want to be sure that the correct information has been recorded and the account is the right one.  The solution: have one set of accounts “open” on one browser and the other set on another browser.  For example, you might ask your kids always to use a specific (and different) browser.  Another example: I have my English Twitter on Chrome and the French one (mdialFR) on Safari.

Outside of the need to stay up to date with the different browsers and to keep an eye on the competition, having two browsers is now a must for any desktop (in my case, these days, I use both Chrome and Safari).  Would that I could do the same thing on the mobile / smartphone.  Moreover, from a digital marketing perspective, in any event, one should always be looking at the surfer experience on different browsers (which is why I still have Internet Explorer and Firefox loaded on my computers).

What other tricks do you have that help with this type of issue?  Your thoughts and input welcome as always.

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