Following on the heels of my top 10 read blog posts on, here’s a list of the top podcasts on my show, the Minter Dialogue. It’s been eight full years since I began my English show and have made over 300 recordings. All year, my aim is to find genuine and interesting people and to find ways to get new and useful insights. This year, I’ve also made efforts to improve the sound quality. Below, I have added what a friend called “online introspection” about what this list tells me and how it may inform my 2019 show! You’ll also find, at the very bottom, a list of the top 10 all-time listened to episodes.

Top 7 shows for 2018

  1. Injecting meaning into design. Beyond user-centric design, Julie Jenson Bennett uses meaning-centred design. (MDE263)

  2. Storytelling, Content Marketing and Brand Building with Carla Johnson (MDE265)

  3. Important Marketing Tips and Trends for 2018 and Creating Powerful and Effective Education Online with Kerry O’Shea Gorgone (MDE262)

  4. Building A Unique And Successful Brand In A Crowded Market: Madison Reed by Amy Errett (MDE282)

  5. The Future of Retail and How Will Amazon Be Part of It? with Retail Prophet’s Doug Stephens (MDE303)

  6. The remarkable story of Starling Bank, a new generation of bank founded by Anne Boden (MDE267)

  7. Building a Customer Centric Agency with Lee Odden, CEO of TopRank Marketing (MDE300)

Here’s how I read this set of Top 7 Podcasts for 2018. On a purely factual basis, Five of the top 7 are with women. 5/7 are from North America (with the other two from the UK). In terms of topics, three are marketing focussed and two are CEO startup founders (Anne Boden at Starling Bank and Amy Errett at Madison Reed). The top three came in the first quarter of the year.

So what can we take away from these results?

  1. The long tail effect is useful (each of those podcasts at the beginning of the year continues to accrue listeners).
  2. Success of a show depends on the interviewee more than the title of the podcast. Those who have a good network and share out their podcast obviously make a difference. Had Seth Godin saw fit to pump out his recording with me, no doubt he’d have featured in the top billing!
  3. While I attempt to keep the interview recording down to 30 minutes, it seems that running over by 10 minutes is no big deal whatsoever as several of the top interviews ran closer to 40 minutes.
  4. Finally, on balance, I can say that I have a loyal group of listeners! Many thanks for your support!

Available on YouTube

Midway through 2018, I was encouraged to post my podcasts up on to YouTube (see here). They’re not all available: just the top 10, some of my favourites (Mitch Joel, Steve Crocker…) and all since mid 2018. I can say that the pickup has been rather anaemic to-date, with Seth Godin’s podcast leading the charge. But I’ll continue to cross-post and we’ll see what happens in 2019!

Meanwhile, the top 10 all-time most listened to podcasts are below (since this show began in 2010):

Minter Dialogue Top 10 all time

You can find the entire set of interviews on the Megaphone player, as well as on many other sources, including Stitcher, iTunes, Spotify and My Tuner Radio. [For the record, I’ve kept my French show, with more than 100 interviews online. See here].

As my interview with Rob Walch (Libsyn VP) indicated, I think that the future of podcasting remains rosy. Brands ought to be considering how they can use podcasting to engage their audience, including internally with their employees, why not!

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