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Transparency & the Enlightening Role of the Internet (Part II of a 4 part series)

This is the second of four posts on the topic of Transparency. This second post deals with the role of the Internet in the evolving importance of transparency. With the Internet providing the opportunity for all people to express their opinion more or less liberally, governments, associations and companies – and to some extent even individuals — that reign by fear, with tight-fisted control will struggle to justify or manage their subjects. Lack of transparency and incongruent positions will, over time, be shown up.

Brand Building: The importance of Transparency

Brand Building: The importance of Transparency and where to place the limits. Part III of a 4-post series Brands under inspection Having discussed the issue of transparency at the governmental and societal levels, as well as the enlightening role of the Internet in...

Need a coach for your brand ? – Part 3 : After the Personal Branding, Brand Coaching ?

Today, existing on the web is a real business challenge. With the endless flow of information and the multiplication of screens and sources, being visible on the web has become a vital issue : brands must adapt. Some have been able to do so ; however, most do not know how to tackle the issue. To accompany brands in this process, the proposal of a new service: Brand Coaching. Part 3 of a 3 part article: The new marketing model (5 Es) and the role a Brand Coach can play in accompanying a company.

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My new project is Dialogos, Fostering More Meaningful Conversations that is being published weekly via Substack, which will be converted into a book in 2023.

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