I have been podcasting on Minter Dialogue since 2010 and was asked recently if I could share the “best of” list. Below are the top 10 most listened to episodes of 2019. As I looked up this list, it occurred to me how wide-ranging the topics and diverse the interviewees were. There’s the amazing negotiator, Chris Voss, on top, followed by the great professor from INSEAD, Gianpiero Petriglieri. Jay Baer and his 2019 book, Talk Triggers, comes in third, followed by the ebullient Ashley Galina Dudarenok (based in Hong Kong). Mitch Duckler rounds out the top 5, with a discussion about his book, The Indispensable Brand. Marty Neumeier, one of the gods of branding, came in sixth, followed by Samuel Monnie who was CMO at the time at Campbell Soup. My long-time pal Brian Solis (now at Salesforce) spoke about his great 2019 book, Lifescale. Patrick Campbell spoke about his passion topic: subscription models and, to round out the top ten, Katie King, with her latest book on How to use AI in Marketing. I hope you’ll enjoy listening/discovering some new names.

1Insights of a Great Negotiator with Chris Voss, best-selling author and CEO of the Black Swan Group (MDE322)
2How to be a Great Leader and Build Trust with INSEAD Professor Gianpiero Petriglieri (MDE310)
3Talk Triggers to Get Your Brand Talked About and Heard with Jay Baer (MDE318)
4Marketing and New Retail in China with author and China marketing expert Ashley Galina Dudarenok (MDE338)
5Making Your Brand Stand Out, with Mitch Duckler, Author of The Indispensable Brand (MDE330)
6The Importance of Design and Brand in Business Building with Marty Neumeier (MDE314)
7Making Digital Transformation Come Alive with Samuel Monnie of Campbell Soup (MDE333)
8Scaling Life to Find Your Purpose – Lifescale with Brian Solis (MDE319)
9Unpacking the Subscription Model – How to Succeed in Turning Up Sales with Patrick Campbell (MDE320)
10How to Use AI in Marketing with author and keynote speaker, Katie King (MDE321)

Top devices and apps for listeners

Using Buzzsprout’s figures, here are the devices and apps for the last ten episodes of my show. Clearly, Apple Podcasts (and the legacy Apple iTunes) dominates. Overcast comes in as a solid second (it happens to be my favourite podcast app). Followed by Podcast Addict and rounded out by PlayerFM. These last two surprised me as well, as I imagined a surge in Spotify. Not yet, I dare say.

In terms of devices, it’s quite surprising to see the Apple Watch powerfully installed at the number 2 position, well ahead of the Android phone. Apple has an 80% share among my listeners. Wow.

I want to thank all my loyal listeners for their support. The world of podcasting is fast evolving and I’m delighted to have been on this journey since 2010…. Thanks also to all my guests who’ve given up their time and energy to be a part of my Minter Dialogue podcast, where I try to foster stimulating conversations with interesting personalities.

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